Best of Reaktor User Library July 2008


Grain Sam v1.0
By arnd klotz


A CPU friendly grain resynthesis sampler
Straightforward sampler, best suited for loops and atmospheres, but also percussive sounds.

The Sound can be modulated with a 3-band filter and an LFO on pitch and amplitude.

An effect battery follows, comprised of delay, reverb and phaser (connected in series in this order).

Also included are control selectors for channel aftertouch, foot controller and breath controller.



FLaRP v1.3
By Matthew Todman


Mono MIDI arppegio maker/riff recorder
Hi there, thought I'd post this before it gets to personalised for me and unusable for others. Its a little 8 bar midi pitch/gate mono recorder and appregio maker. Has two sequencers, one for the main riff and another to sequence the riff in an arppegio style, which can be quite effective. Can record midi info (only mono) with a basic 16 step quantise into both sequencers. You can edit recorded patterns after using mouse. Could also be used for a Live bassline recorder. Have used Stephan V's Sick Basstard (hope you dont mind Mr. V and thanks) to demo it, but should work for all synths hooked up to internal/external midi. Added a drum looper just to play along to aswell. Ive I think Ive tool tipped everything, just spend a little time going over the tool tips to start with, and press STOP once the ensemble has loaded to reset the clocks.. Just play with the few included snaps to get an idea whats going on.



MS Pocket Knife v1.0
By Alex Debicki


An easy to use MS LR convertor.
The MS pocket knife is an easy to use MS LR convertor. I couldn't find one in the library, so I build one myself

It's primary goal is to give the user the opportunity to use stereo plugins that have separate controls for each channel to seperately process the Mid and Side channels, much like the lat./vert. mode of the legendary Fairchild 670 compressor.
This is done by inserting two instances of the MS pocket knife on a track: One before the plugin (in LR to MS mode) and one after the plugin (in MS to LR mode).
The first MS pocket knife converts the incoming LR signal to MS. The MS signal is then processed by the plugin (M on the left channel and S on the right). The second MS pocket knife then converts the processed MS signal back to LR.

There are of course other uses for the MS pocket knife, one of which is seperating the M and S signals on two seperate stereo channels (by using busses and the Mix control) to either process the M and S signal seperately or to have more control over the balance between both.



Polysix v1.0
By Sandy Small


Quick 'n dirty emulation of the Korg Polysix
This is my best attempt at emulating a Polysix, never having played one myself.
I stole an awful lot of graphics from James Clark's Mona/Polly and Stephan V's Concept X. Most of the arpeggiator's guts come from Paul Swennenhuis' Broken Chords.

Known bugs:
-Chord memory doesn't work at all (for the time being anyway)
-Hold mode doesn't work quite right, at least in Poly mode.