Best of Reaktor User Library march 2.008


Heavy Lifting-Realtime Pitch Tracking Vocoder Processing Effect v1.2
By Nathan Ramella


Pretty much what the title says
This upload consists of three instruments and is essentially just a convience upload as I couldn't find anything in the user library that did this (Although, I didn't look very hard)

[in] ->
Reaktorfreak's Synvoicizer ->
Factory Default Sumsynth ->
EzFFT Vocoder ->
[your ears]

Basically, Reaktorfreak's instrument acts as a audio->midi processor, it detects pitch and emits MIDI notes. Which get sent to Sumsynth, then the original audio is used as the modulator and the output of Sumsynth is used as the carrier.

The end result is a coarse realtime automatic pitch adjusting vocoder, which in theory should sound like a wild pack of Cher's, but ends up sounding kind of neat regardless. Big ups to Reaktorfreak.

I should note that this is a fairly power hungry ensemble, it's basically three random ensembles slapped together, two of which require a lot of CPU by default. On my dualcore 2.6ghz it hits 30% when running, 15% when idle. But it was stable enough to use as an effect on an Ableton Live Audio track with randomly triggering samples.


m-bience v1.0
By gabriel mulzer


postprocessing stage from the piano III model : eq, some room & distortion


Vitaverb2 v1.0
By Vitaly Zolotarev


Here is the next version of Vitaverb.

New features:
1.Improved sound (try room-like spaces)
2.New GUI
3.Test signals
4.Lots of minor improvements in the algorithm

Sorry, no presets. Be careful with Mid Dmp knob. The red aria is where Vitaverb can self-oscillate (done purposely for creating ambient noises).



TactileBeat v1.0
By Bret Truchan


Beat chopper with hands-on interface
Click anywhere on the gray overlay on the beat to jump to that position. Clicking the right and mouse button on the beat have different effects. There's a routing system that's a little too detailed to document here, but the main thing to know is that "y" refers to the y-position in the gray area.



Snaps for inFiltrator v1.0
By Don Dailey

A bank of snaps for inFiltrator


Snaps for VITAVERB 2 v2.0
By Don Dailey


Here is a few snaps, not categorized in any particular way. I still think there's a lot more this unit can do, subtle tweaks go a long way.



intonaruMori II v2.0
By rick scott



the second in my intonaruMori series, named after luigo russolo's famed set of noisemakers: Intonarumori.

this is an extreme remix of Shark. you play it using the mousePad. see popups.



The REAL Tentacle 2.0 v1.0
By Donovan Stringer


Some improvements for your SciFi/Horror pleasure..
This is a final derivative of Trip Box two that I've completed this evening. Most notable differences between the previous upload and this one are as follows:

Daniel Battaglia lent me a hand with some event stuff that properly allows BPM info to be saved per patch, so you can slow em down and speed em up at will with impunity and each patch will save the BPM setting.

I've added a start/stop button that is pre-FX, which means that when you deactivate the synth engine, it will still have a nice effect tail in the audio signal instead of just getting the chop like Frankie Four Fingers.

I've added a Zobel resonator effect that really adds a lot to the sound. Just so you know, I set it to max at 50% wet so it doesn't dominate random patches, which it frequently did initially.

I've also added a very basic auto-randomizing 'sequencer' that I stole from Mr Zobel's Haemotherapy.

The reverb in SubHarmonic has been given a pre-mix panner controller, and the SubHarmonic instrument has been assigned to monophonic with a panner as well. This allows you to shove your source over here and your verb over there.

SubHarmonic's GUI has also been cleaned up and is all on one page. It is hidden by default but can be accessed via the panelsets window.



ARP Axxe Mk III v1.0
By Andy Robins



Made with Reaktor 5.1.5 on a MacPro

Updated from my original 2003 version


ARP Odyssey Mk III v1.0
By Andy Robins


ARP Odyssey

Made with Reaktor 5.1.5 on a MacPro

Updated from my original 2003 version


ARP "Poly-Odyssey" v1.1
By Andy Robins


ARP Poly-Odyssey - If only they *did* make this!

Made with Reaktor 5.1.5 on a MacPro

Updated from my original 2003 version


ARP Solus v1.0
By Andy Robins


ARP Solus

Made with Reaktor 5.1.5 on a MacPro

Updated from my original 2003 version


inFiltrator v1.2
By Kim Bostroem


Synthesizer for creating unusual sounds and soulful distortions
I wanted to make a synth that lets one play more the Jimi-Hendrix way, with distortion but also with Blues. To get the feel, assign some controllers and let your soul fly to Voodoo land while pressing keys and tweaking knobs.

The heart of the inFiltrator are two musically highly effective (but surprisingly seldom used) modules:
a wave multiplier and a filter bank. Both are extended implementations of the Doepfer modules A-137 and A-128, respectively.

The idea is to first generate a relatively simple waveform, expand its complexity by the multiplier and then attenuate individual frequencies by the filter bank. A downstream P52 filter, master envelope and chorus give the sound a final polishing. A manual is included in the download.

Usage of Dual Knobs:
Click-Draw in the center region to modify the inner knob (main parameter). Left and right regions are for the outer knob (modulation amount). Double-click in either region resets the knob and value to its default.
Right-click the little squares below the knob to invoke MIDI Learn. The left square is for the inner knob, the right one for the outer.
(Feature Request to NI: Please enable MIDI control of Mouse Areas, analog to XY-Fields!)

- Andy Wilmer for inspiring discussions. (He's a genuine modular freak!)
- Daniel Scholz, whose Reaktor implementation of the A-128 was the basis for my filter bank.
- Anonymous (maybe Jonathan Style) for the dual knobs which I further adapted to my needs. (His/her original ensemble "ontotheham" is not signed, unfortunately)
- Don Dailey for his terrific snaps.

Update 1.1:
- Poly now should work (see issues above). But keep an eye on the CPU. I've tried my best to optimize this synth, but still...

Update 1.2:
Included Don Dailey's snaps in a separate bank (and added some little variations). Check it out!


Nyquistor v1.2
By Urs Baumgartner


Synth that produces sines above nyquistfrequency
Those high "sines" get mirror-inverted at the nyquistfrequency (half of the sampling rate). This processe produces interferences in the hearable band, it causes strange outerspace sounds.
Be carefull with the Volume!!!!!

Version 1.2 with a wonderfull skin by Jonathan Style, and some small fixes.


Schallwerk v1.0
By Oliver Saherwala


For creating rhythmic Patterns
Schallwerk is a Synthesizer which is using different parts of other Synths of the Userlibrary. The oscillators are from John Bleechs r'ector. For all kind of modulation in Schallwerk Peter Dines Freshmaker are used. I liked the way they were used in r'ector. The only effect is a slightly changed delay from the Reaktor Builders Macros Set. The Panelelemnts were made by Jonathan Style.


The Stinger v1.0
By Andy Robins


The Stinger - 3 Osc Poly
Started off as a Wasp Clone, but I just kept on adding to it.

Made with Reaktor 5.1.5 on a MacPro

Updated from my original 2003 version