Best of Reaktor User Library september 2.010


4 Band Cloud Delay v1.0
By Jim Hurley

Multi-Band Delay device
This ensemble allows you to select 4 separate bands of treatment on a sound using the Cloud Delay module.

You can make pseudo reverbs, phasey choruses, or utterly mangle sounds.

4 bands of independent control plus a global freeze buffer. Delays may be tempo-synced or free-running.

You can easily expand the number of bands.



Graindengens v2.2
By Andre Goc

simple grain tool

I simply trying to build a grain sampler without the typical parameter flood..

A Ensemble just for fun and to screw...

So i had the idea to take some lfos to navigate trough the samples and to control the parameters.because of the possibility to sync the modulators its easy to create the Soundscapes Tempo sync...



Boland SH-8 v2.1
By Glyn Darby

take on the Roland SH-5
Not a real recreation of the Roland SH-5 as unfortuantly i have never used one.No presets,just twiddle the knobs and see what happens just like we use to in the old days.


DrawSynth V2 v1.0
By Mirko Brunner

Paint and Play!
The DrawSynth V2 - the new way to build unique sounds. The synthesizer comes with all standards and some unique specials ;) i.g. special 4-channel mixer, full routing inside the instrument and a little FX-Line.


StigamdoisFM v1.0
By Hiromasa Tanaka

the noisy FM synth

The most uncontrollable FM synth ever.
You can make hysterical noise and FX sounds.

To watch the sounds and visual, check YouTube url bellow.

The original ensemble is Alexander Potekhin's 'StereoDigitalRandomNoiseSource v0.1'. I changed it to FM synth and added some functions.


ViNGHARD V2 v1.0
By Mirko Brunner

an Vanguard rebuild for all Reaktor User´s
This is an rebuld of the great Vanguard Synthesizer from ReFX.


Very Simple Pad Synthesizer v1.2
By Huddie Klein

Easy to use
I heard once that you should not be trying to be everything to everybody and I started thinking about complicated synths that allow us to dial in any many different kinds of sounds. I decided to try to create a synth for pad-sounds with the absolute minimum of controls.

Because pads are like choirs or strings I build in some random behaviour. Every new note will have slightly different values for the following parameters: note pitch, waveform and symmetry.

There are no effects or EQ sections, because you can easily ad those in Reaktor or your host sequencer.

I added some snapshots that explain the possibillities of this synth, but of course you don't really need snapshots with something this simple.