Best of Reaktor User Library may 2.007


Duck-O-Matic v1.0
By Benjamin Suthers

Ducker / Dynamic EQ with Key input
this was a solution for a friend who needed a ducker that worked in Ableton. The key input is the second pair of stereo inputs. On the mac I think you need to use the AU plugin. I don't know anything about PC's and multi-inputs on plugins.

If enough people ask I'll post the ableton file so you can see how to configure the key inputs...but you should really know how to do this.

I threw in the dynamic EQ module because it's a much more elegant solution, unless you're looking for a psychoacoustic way of increasing your loudness or can't find the midi-syncable LFO on your pad synth.

I've never been much interested in graphic design, so you have to put up with my standard Reaktor interface.


ResoBoxerRMX v2.0
By Dieter Zobel

thanks to Johann Meier
for his nice resobox. i had a lot of fun.


WabbelEcho v3.0
By Dieter Zobel

for children


Lop and Beat Machines

Feed(us) v1.1
By Jason Jochems

Taking delay feedback into another territory
This instrument is basically a delay designed to run forever. You can choose what goes into it, you can choose what effects it feed through, you can "draw your own" tape flutter or phaser frequency or whatever. Great for tape loop type sounds and various types analog style degradation. Credits for Joe Orgrens Shortwave, Programchilds Silver Channel, James Walker Halls Phaser from Fx Pack and Resynth from Sampler Pack and Uwe Hoenig for the Resonator effect from Travelizer

*new in 1.1
Fixed some bugs with the Difference knobs. Worked on making the controls a little more transparant. Init switch resets a few more knobs



AI-2 Monophonic snapshots v1.0
By Jonathan Style

16 snapshots for AI-2 Monophonic version


Wildlife v2.1
By Stefan Knauthe

50 snaps for Tritium
Hello, here is another contribution to the Reaktor User Library, this time it's a soundbank of 50 snaps for Tritium by Stephan V.. Tritium is basically an emulation of a classic analogue synthesizer with some nicely made modulation possibilities and some simple and usefull effects. Most of the snaps are about using simple waveforms, since i don't like the overloaded patches of todays fashionable preset-slinging software synthesizers. The snaps are inspired by the sound of some of my myspace friends( go to "" ) and are pretty much in one line with my former soundbanks.



BoogleBeat 2
By Matthew Todman

The Cheeky Sequencer Returns
I give you Booglebeat 2!.... 5 track, 8 bar, 16 step sequencer with 14 different parameters(cut, rez, hold, reverse, ROLL!, sample select, etc etc) per step. So each step can be programmed individually. There are no Knobs to control the samplers, everything is done from the sequencer window.

It also has improved Beatlookup stylee controls controlled by the computer keyboard (pretty much all keys are used for something) and a 16 step Bar sequencer. I think I've tooltipped everything, if I havent its probably obvious what it does, and Ive also made a few note's in the Instrument properties window. Please read these for more Information.

Theres only 2 snap's (just for demo purposes), and I had to reduce the sample maps to get under 20mb, so be aware when using the sample select parameter as the maps only have 24 samples in each.


Update v1.3+: Should now work with Intel Macs......... hopefully! Cheers to Daswesen, Sowari, Kid Sputnik, T.O.M for helping Debug the Intel Mac problem.
Update v2+: Added CTL buttons to disable tracks from being changed by the keyboard mashing functions. The states of these are saves with the Bar. Added a cue button so if on the bars will not change untill the next bar beat. Stuffed the Vectory distortion in there. Did a bit of re-arranging, and sorted out a few bugs.... I think!
Update v2.4: minor audjustment to the way the jump & loop works.



Recorder Box v2.4
By Donald Grimble

Record yo shiznit
A small yet versatile alternative to Reaktors native recorder. More useful to mac users in its ability to record only to memory.



AI-2 v1.2
By Jonathan Style

2 Osc. Subtractive synth with several modulations targets

This synthesizer evolved from working on the AI-1 synth. I post a few months ago. Basically it is a 2 Oscillator subtractive synthesizer. I wanted to include some of interesting things but keep a sort of true to analog sort of sound and feel…at least that what I am shooting for. There are several parameters that must be edit from the center menus using the Data wheel for entry, and the left and right markers to scroll through the menus. The audio mod is the on feature that need comment, it will only work on the Pro-52 Filter. I must thank Stephan V. for the control feature which made creating these menus possible, and to the creator of Reaktor Text for the ability to make the bitmaps for the menus.


AI-2 Monophonic v1.0
By Jonathan Style

This is not the same instrument as its polyphonic bother. This features a moog Ladder & Pro 52 Filter with audio modulation (Highpass and Bandpass are also options but not with audio modulation). The Filter also features a split of the frequency cutoff between filter 1 & 2 for greater dynamics. The pulsewidth on the Osc. 1&2 can be modulated by audio as well as (the standard mod. matrix sources are also available). I have added a gain (distortion) mode for a bit of grunge on the sound.


Arp Axxes v1.3
By Jonathan Style

Inspired by the Arp Axxe produced between the years 1975-81.

It may not be the Odyssey but is does what it needs to.

Update V1.02 some same things

UpsRW V1.03 fixed what I thought I had fixed in 1.02, the ADSR&Gate switch was corrected add more presets there is now about 43 snapshots.


Concept X v1.1
By Stephan V.

Digital Synthesizer
Concept X is a four oscillator polyphonic wave table-synthesizer with DX-7-style phase modulation. This greatly increases its sonic capabilities far beyond the borders of classic wave table- or fm-synthesis. It’s also equipped with a multimode filter for subtractive synthesis. The sounds range from classic wave table or fm timbres to very complex textures or virtual analogue sounds, even pulse width modulation is possible. To spice up the sound, it has an overdrive and sample rate & bit reducer effect, and last but not least two multi-effect units.

Comes with 81 snaps and a user manual.


CS-5 Monophonic synthesizer v2.1
By Jonathan Style

Based on the classic 1979 analog synthesizer

This ensemble is based on the classic monophonic analog synthesizer CS-5 made by Yamaha between 1979-83. It is a single VCO, VCF, LFO and EG. I have made some adjustments from the original signal flow of the instrument since it is not intended by be an emulation. I have discarded the external signal trigger and input, and added an additional VCA source as Gate (AR Envelope), the Band Pass filter is also a 12db filter and not a 6db as in the original, I also added a modulation wheel that controls the LFO amount to the destination that it is assigned to.

Panel A contains all major control parameter for the ensemble. Panel B has an off switch to turn to reduced cpu when not in use.

I included a delay and reverb from the Reaktor effects library. They have their own GUI’s and original presets. I included these as separate instruments. I don’t like having effects hardwired into my instruments, but I feel that these effects enhance the sound when desired. They are turned off when the ensemble is loaded.


Plane Jane v1.0
By Don Dailey

learning to use stacked macros
Plane Jane is my first effort working with Stacked Macros. In this case, the stacked components are: three oscillators, three EGs and the FX section. Nothing earth-shattering, but some useful snaps.


Resonoid v1.1
By Oliver Saherwala

Synthesizer with Resonatormodule


SoWaDo Mark I v1.2
By Don Dailey

3-way collaboration synth
SoWaDo Mark I is the result of a collaborative effort on the part of several Reaktor users. Phil Durrant (sowari), Walter Koerte and Don Dailey. The original concept was to take Jake Mandell's Basic Synth tutorial from the NI web site and take it to the next level. Many levels later we have SoWaDo Mark I.

Early on, the focus shifted to incorporating many options for modulating pitch, amplitude and filtering. As a result, SoWaDo is a very flexible synth capable of producing a wide variety of sounds and effects. The two snap banks included only scratch the surface of the many possibilities. An extended thread on the Building With Reaktor forum details the process of developing a synth. Please check it out :


Stinger v1.1
By Jonathan Style

Analog Style Bass Synth

This ensemble is not feature pack like the AI-2 synths, it is very basic in its approach. It is made for heavy bass & distort rhythmic leads. I added the “Kick” (AD Envelope) feature from Program Child’s “AssBooster” for some emphasis, although its over all affect on the Osc. Freq. is greatly reduced in comparison (its not what I needed for this instrument). There is an ON/OFF switch on the Panel B to reduce CPU when not in use. I also tried to make it appear like Hardware instruments as much as possible, if that benefits anyone…it works for me.