Best of Reaktor User Library may 2.011


Arthropod Channel v1.0
By Benjamin Suthers

Arthropod Channel Strip
This is the channel strip version of my arthropod compressor. I've added an eq section, and re-ordered the modules a bit.

The result is an analogue input and output stage each with their own saturation characteristics (and a digital output so you can take advantage of loads of gain if you want). Then a 4 band eq + HPF with a different characteristic to your standard eq. Then the latest version of the arthropod compressor including the ratio and attack and release characteristics taken from a well known model, and a variable mu mode from another model, and an external key with filters on the internal or external key.

VU meter for checking whats going on, and no numbers anywhere, because they just confuse your ears.


Tape Machine v2.3
By s millward

Multi effects processor
Tape Machine is a collection of stereo processors for EQ, compressor, saturation, aural excitement and limiter effects. It can help simulate tape-like saturation and model the frequency response of analogue tape recorders.

The processors have been arranged in an order which promotes fruitful interaction between the different effects. Each processor in the chain is enabled or disabled using the respective on/off buttons and a solo function allows you to listen to each module in isolation. Clip indicators and a numerical display of the final output level help you keep an eye on levels throughout the signal path.

Tape Machine makes no claims to be a completely accurate virtual model of an analogue tape recorder, but hopefully it can help approximate some of the pleasant artifacts associated with that technology.

Some of the ideas for Tape Machine come from other Reaktor user ensembles. I managed to contact Chet Singer whose Aural Exciter is used here unchanged. Thanks Chet! Thanks also to Ben Suthers and Stefan Knauthe whose Limiter and Wow and Flutter designs formed the basis for those used in Tape Machine.

Version 2.2 features new resonance controls in the EQ HPF and LPF sections and there is better gain resolution. This helps re-create the EQ characteristics associated with analogue tape machines with greater accuracy. Also included in this update is a range of new presets.

Version 2.3 improves the Tape Machine GUI for Reaktor version 5.5.1. It also features new multiplier buttons in the Wow and Flutter section. These are helpful for resonance effects, especially when processing spoken voice and vocals. There is also a new global bypass button which helps with A/B comparisons between the effected and the original signal, and there are some new presets.



Sample Modulator A v1.3
By Colin Chabot

A for Ambience (traveller)
Sorry for my Englich (Frenchman).

Its my second instrument after 'Space Modulator' (synthesizer experimental). I created 'Sample Modulator A' with a few basics modules of 'Metaphysical Functions'. I took the little sampler with the automatic amplitude and speed, plus the automatic filter, reverb and pitch for modulate one first sample. After y multiplicated this sampler by 5. I completed with 2 effects and one global amplitude for you have a choice between a smooth atmosphere or stronger.

Its not easy to create a complexe sampler and at the same time check the charge of CPU and the global pound. I test many variations of my sampler; with 4,5,6,8 readers of samples and y decided to use 5 (55% CPU on my system). I am not a expert for warrant its oké on your system.

The map (first) contain 85 samples come from my collection of personals creations (many thousands). My map make 1.6 GO (1 GO when compress with 7 zip). Its too much heavy for transfert with my instrument on this forum. You can download this map on my Site. For my adress and proceeding; you download my intrument, open, click on the general panel, info and you have all informations very simples for assembly. Its my first sampler. If you have any problem for activate, send me a message.

I love the instrument playing itself the subtle ambience music wich evolute on a most long period. I am not interesting by a complexe transformation of my originals samples but just a basics modulations for the sounds that comes more alive. I make a choice of very simples sounds for you have the possibility to create your completes personals atmospheres or your backgrounds for being useful with a more melodic music.

Sample Modulator come with 60 snapshots on the topic of the traveller. Take the time to listen the complexe structure of each.

I prepare a second bank of samples with snapshots who y will incorporate inside another Sample Modulator.


Spyrograph v1.4
By Jean-Philippe MARY

Granular sampler FX Sequencer
This is a transformation of:
- newschool
- visual gaugear
- 8 * 8 Sq

A combination of these three instruments can be used either to sample or effect ....

Very useful for live ambiences, textures, sounds pretty special, or hovering ...

Obviously, I could not help but put the visual!

Important tips:
To write with the sequencer, click to select.
The bar above the selection runs allows to select the desired track. Right click, hold and drag to create the space for reading.

The drawing editor is located on the B side Spyroscope.

Snapshots are saved in the spyraudio mastersnaps :
Dont forget to save the snapshots in the first sequencell spyroscope before and do so in the spyraudio !!!!!!



Silverbird 2.3 v1.5
By Mete Atam


This is an enhanced version of Silverbird by Andre Goc.

I only added some features:
- New Mute/Solo-System (taken from massive) now works "pre"
- Pattern Sequencer
- Midi-Out

Thanks to Andre Goc for this very nice toy - and especially for the many good snapshots.

PS: fixed bug in midi-outs

Update: mutes now "random isolated"

Update: new global clock

- new pattern sequencer
- midi record to all sequencers
- copy paste for sequencer data (via context menu): click in upper part of sequencer to access event table functions.
- pattern selection controllable via midi: assign controllers to the numbers (knobs) above the pattern sequencer
- different filter control (allows fading between LP-BP-HP)
- bugs fixed - and maybe new ones introduced



Minibass v1.1
By Stephan V.

Monophonic synth + sequencer
A simple monosynth combined with the latest version of my Plasma-sequencer & a flexible delay effect. The synth is nothing special, but the sequencer now offers a lot of new possibilities:

- Improved copy & paste functions; now all knob settings are also copied
- Control voltage section now with different curves for each step
- Additional LFO

Due to the simplicity of the synth I did not create any snaps.

Make sure you have the latest Reaktor version installed. I experienced some issues with copy & paste in the previous version.