Best of Reaktor User Library Feb 2.007

Loop and Beat Machines

DrumBone v1.0
By Joachim Schneider

8 channel Drumsampler with/without sequencer

i still wonder that there are so many weird beatmachines in the ul but such a small amount of simple more-channel drumsampler like the redrum in reason (ok i found REDdrum ensemble in the ul)!
some time ago, i build the "boxer", also a simple drumsampler but there were some errors in the structure and in "drumbone" i also added some new features like saturation and bitcrush, a parametric 3channel eq, a post eq filter and a pitch bending effect (inspired by the REDdrum ensemble) for each channel!

this ensemble includes to vesions of drumbone, one version with a build in patternsequencer and one without - this is, because i had problems with permanent repetitive gate-events when i used the sequencer version in my daw (sonar studio) and tried to feed it by midi (by pressing the MIDI/SEQ-button)!
so, if u dont experience problems, using the sequenced version in your daw, just delete the other one, basically it's the same!
in the A-view, the saturation/eq/filter section isn't visible! the pattern sequencer is a stacked macro - by clicking on the lable of each channel (invisible mouse area module) u can choose the view to edit the selected channel!

Häxel Recorder v1.1
By Urs Baumgartner

cording Sampler with effects

The Coremacro works like a Lookup Sampler but can also Record.

Short Manual:
- Hit Run
- Press Rec
- Check out the tutorial Snapshots



ExHausTor v1.0
By Dieter Zobel

sampler toy,

load long audio files please

Wake v1.1
By Jason Jochems

So this is yet another granular instrument. But its a bit of a different layout to other ones ive seen. Its designed to have extremely fine control over whatever grain controls there are. Whether its modulated by its Lfo or its different concept of envelopes which are shaped using 32 step event tables. Good for drones and for real in depth control of the progession of the sample. Whether you're speeding up and slowing down entire vocal passages are whatever pace you want or freezing one particular noun and warping it over a long drawn out span. Its the controls that make this boy different.



AB99 v1.0
By Stephan V.

Drum synthesizer/sampler

This is a small and CPU efficient (~6% on a 1,8ghz machine) drum synthesizer/sampler similar to a jomox airbase. It's purely designed for use in a sequencing environment, so there are no effects or sequencers onboard. I turned out everthing I don't need.
Virtual analog bass and snaredrum, sample based hihats, cymbals and percussions, stereo sum out and 5 single outs, 2 lfos and full midi implementation. There are only 8 snaps, feel free to create your own. Comes with a short user manual.


Add 16 v1.0
By Don Dailey

Additive Synth Remix

Another Brinkmann synth I found deep in the archives. This was originally called AdSynth and was uploaded with only 4 original snaps and the suggestion that someone might add some more. I added some snaps, reworked the look and feel and threw in a delay effect. The snaps have suggested delay snaps for a sound I liked, but you can choose to not use the ones I suggest. Or put in an efffect unit of your choosing. Most of the sounds sound pretty good dry, so anything you put them through should sound pretty good.

Thanks to Martin Brinkmann for another great synth.

BlubberBass v1.0
By Joachim Schneider

3-like acid machine

this little ensemble is a monophonic synth in the style of the legendary tb 303. well, it doesn't really sound like the real one but i think it's a nice little synth for the typical acid sound!
i was to lazy to edit snaps but it's a simple ensemble and won't take much time to edit snaps and szenes by your own...

Invaders from Mars v1.0
By rick scott

randomizable atmosphere synth

klangorous fm-ish synth in search of a 50s horror movie.

KAROvect v3.0
By Dieter Zobel

formant synth

Mr.POLY v1.0
By Stephan V.

Polyphonic Synthesizer

Some of you asked for a polyphonic version of mr.mono. Here it is. basically the same synth engine as in the latest mr.mono-version, but with 8 voices polyphony.

Numalik III v1.2
By pierre-andre soulier

semi modular synth

- the modulation matrix can modulate in positive & negative value.
-bug fix restore snapshot.

3 VCOs, AM, FM, wavetable, noise
2 VCFs serial/parralel with distortions
3 envelopes
3 LFOs
3 Sequencers
1 X-Y
1 modulation matrix 16x (17 sources -> 31 destinations)
1 chorus
1 delay

WavSonik v1.1
By Don Dailey

ReMix of the R3 ensemble Sonix

Sonix was originally created by Martin Brinkmann. I pretty much left it alone except to give it a new look and make a new bank of snaps. On first listen it sounds a little thin and reedy, very 80ish, but these kinds of sounds often cut through a mix and are good for secondary melodic parts. Drawing your own waves can give lots of control over the nuance of the sounds.