Best of Reaktor User Library august 2.012


Double SEaM v1.0
By John Bleech

Modification of Me2SalEM
Me2SalEM is an old ensemble, tried and true, from the Reaktor Premium Legacy Library.
How well it emulates an Oberheim 2-Voice I can't say, but I do like the way it sounds.

For better or worse my modification adds some LFO shapes,
adds an independent release control to the envelopes,
adds channel aftertouch,
removes the separate Left and Right sources on the Input Mixer,
changes the routing of the external audio input
and adds a flanger/phaser effect.
The biggest difference is the addtion of a Low-Note-Retrigger (LNR) option and a Trance Gate for each of the two SEM modules.

Remember to start the clock if you want use the trance gates.


Dualing Lazers v1.0
By michael o'hagan

2 Osc Lazerbass Mod
This is a 2 osc version of lazerbass with tons of modulation options.

about 50 snapshots included.

very basic and simple GUI layout.

Lots of cool potential.


LazerBass Plus v4.2
By michael o'hagan

Expanded version of LazerBass
This is an expanded version of LazerBass with an LFO rate sequencer as well as bit crusher
with a dedicated step sequencer and a filter and phaser/flanger unit, it keeps the lazerbass custom GUI intact.


Synthi700R v1.0
By Glyn Darby

Synth based in the Roland System700
Here is a mono synth i have just finished that is based on the great Roland systen700 modular synth.
I think it`s layout is pretty straight forward to any use to synths.
The various inputs in the modulation sections can be changed by dragging your mouse pointer up and down
over the light blue backgrounded label.