Best of Reaktor User Library May 2008


Heavy Motion RDM adapt MOD v1.1
By Kimmo Kivelä


Heavy Motion, random + midi keyboard & input gate
This is a raw mod to Heavy Motion. Raw means its not fully tested but it seems to do the job. I added midi keyboard input, which you can switch on and off (switch is in wrong place I know but there was no room upstairs).
Also its now gating to input signal by Woody Woodpeaker (by Mike Daliot).
In woody you need to use just one knob: input.


Heavy Motion RDM v2.0
By Don Dailey


Make-over of interesting ensemble
A rather interesting sound mangler and comes close to being a circuit bender for Reaktor. It just needed to get a make-over. I added a batch of "made-over" snaps too.
Based on :
Original Instrument and Presets by Luca Capozzi

Refaced by Don Dailey
Thanks to Jonathan Style [again!] for the beautiful knobs.
Play audio through [ext] snaps. Others are self-generating and good for sound design or use like a circuit bender and twist some knobs!
Updated with Randomizers. R1-4 works best with [ext] snaps. R5-8 work best with self-generated [int] snaps.


Roland RE201 Space Echo v1.1
By Jesse Voccia


Classic RE201 Space Echo Tape Delay, Spring Reverb
Welcome to my first upload. A loving recreation of the ultimate echo effect the Roland RE201 Space Echo. The guts of this are mostly from Michat's excellent ensemble Michat's Space Echo ME-201. This is more than a reskin though, I have added a few other features (mostly borrowed from the UA version of the RE201). Thanks to Michat and thanks to Jonathan Style for inspiring me to begin the path to becoming a builder.

User Notes:

The Power switch is an output mute. Handy in case of out-of-control speaker blowing feedback. Secondly the Wet Solo switch is just what it says it is, it removes the dry component from the signal (it is just like the "From P.A." jack on the real thing, useful for when using the RE201 as a send effect). It is possible to have no output if you have the echo-norm switch set to norm and the wet solo on. The Echo-Norm switch is an effect bypass.

The fluctuation section simulates the wow and flutter of analog tape and the noise feature is a crucial component to recreating the otherworldly vibe of the original (thanks to Michat).

Lastly I know the mode selector is not quite right. It goes backwards and the knob is supposed to spin all the way around, but I could not figure out how to get it to wrap around. I am sure someone knows a more elegant way to do the mode selector switch so please let me know. Thank you.



The Esky Carbon Bank v1.0
By Stefan Knauthe

50 snaps for Carbon 1
50 snaps for a classic Reaktor synthesizer, this time the old, brown Reaktor 4 Carbon, one of my all time favourites. And again these snaps are insprired by ones like the Aphexes, the Boards, the Kelpes, the Principles and so on...:-). Please also take a look at the "Recently Update" section, i did some rework on my older snapshot releases. Hope you can use all this.



Resonatter 2 v1.0
By Dieter Zobel


resonator synth/audio effect,
simply to use



Luca Capozzi Acid Bee Mod v1.0
By Jonathan Style


uca's mod of the Acid Bee now turbo enabled
ACID BEE 303 v1.02
By Phil Durrant and BASE designs.

BASE designs homepage:

Modified Macros:
Lazyfish's Clock from Monoliner
& scene recall
Kidsputnicks Clock Marco
Martin Brickman Bassline

Remixed by Luca Capozzi 28/04/2008

- Overdrive macro replaced by AnalogBoss + NashDrive
- AnalogMagic on oscillator section
This is an awesome mod of the original instrument. It is just intense in the sound that this can now produce. Thanks Luca for sharing.


Rosco Sonik v1.0
By Don Dailey


Hybrid of Rosco and Wavsonik
I wondered what I would get if I changed standard osc macros in Rosco for the wave osc in WavSonik. The rest of the controls in Rosco were left alone. I had to make new snaps. Interesting...


Stinger V3 v1.0
By Jonathan Style


Aggressive VA bass synth
Instrument and GUI by BASE designs 2008
For more instruments please visit my website:


2 oscillators: saw, pulse, tri. Oscillator 1 is tunable by Range and oscillator 2 by semitone and detune. Oscillator 2 can also be sync to oscillator 1.
Audio sources also include a dedicated Noise and Sub-base. The sub-base is tunable and selectable between pulse and sine waveforms.
Two filters. Filter 1 is a 24db low pass. Filter 2 is selectable between band-pass and 303 type filter. Filters are run in parallel and the level is controlled by a mix pot.
Two envelopes. Envelope 1 is selectable between ADSR and ADR and features a 2x selection to increase the amount. Envelope 2 is selectable between ADSR and DR.
2 LFO: pulse, tri, and random. LFO 2 can be sync'd to gate.
Four slot modulation matrix.
73 snapshots

The Kick macro is from Programchild's Assbooster.


VSF Remix v1.0
By Don Dailey


VSF Lowpass Remix
Actually not really a remix. I made a new face, created some snaps. Thanks to Luca Capozzi of the original synth and Tim Schwerdtfeger for the fantastic Laserbrew and Jonathan Style for the cool knobs.