Best of Reaktor User Library September 2008


Env follower modulator v1.0
By Eugene Scalisi


Envelope following modulator
Changes the speed of amplitude or frequency modulation as the audio decays.


Murf Sequenced v1.1
By Eugene Scalisi


A simulation of the Moog MuRF pedal
A simulation of the Moog MuRF pedal. When you first open it you may see a message about too many midi ins. Just click past it, it will work fine.


Swell env v1.0
By Jonathan Style

Swell effect for guitarists
This is intended to be a swell envelope effect for the guitar. The effect is not where I would like it to be at this time, but it is what I have and can please consider this a work in progress. It has some issues the swell can peaks easy, I have tried a compressor after it and this can tame it a bit; however, it tends to ruin the effect so it is not included. Well, try it out I hope it works out. Perhaps in the future I will have a better idea on how to achieve what I am after.


wettener v1.0
By James Clark


slurpy effects
repost of old v.4 ensemble which adds wetness to sounds (esp percussion).



aliasing Synth v1.0
By dietrich pank


error is nice
Audiotable is read and written at the same time but in different speeds. Because of the "careless" speeds it produces many errors. That's good.

finest moves in speed cause surprising and dramatic changes in sound.
And 5 voices can be very fat.

Hipass+FM, Lopass+FM and a Notch behind it form the bizarr error sound to more or less ear-candy atmos.

inkluded are 38 Snapshots.



Paddy sampler & sequencer v1.2
By Jonathan Style


8 voice sampler with sequencer
It is basically a simple 8 voice sampler with a slightly modified Drum 16 sequencer. Nothing magic to it just what it is, perhaps a nothing more then another lego block.



Jazzyspoon CHOPSOKKIT v1.0
By Jason Pottorff


Another beat chomping frankenstein machine from my live set.
I originally made this for a friend (3am), but I thought I would strip it down a little share it with you guys.

It is simply a sample and live input Frankenstein made from other peoples hard work. :)
Thanks to Rc3, Lazyfish, and all the button designers out there. Also thanking exile, Clist, and the NI design team.

Pour one cup of beats into sampler or simply strain live audio through the machine.

You can control the Rekker buttons with octave 3 on any keyboard controller or simply let the randomized sequencer run the show. It's also fun to hold down one of the red buttons while the sequencer does it's work.

Sorry, but there's only 5 master presets. You'll get the idea for it though, I'm sure.

I hope the guys that made all the original little parts to my NI library contributions don't send goons to my door for hacking their work.
I am not taking credit for anything here but the design layout, some light construction, and a need to fulfill.


By Jason Pottorff


A live frankenstein machine for ambient shows maybe?
This is another CPU eating beast from my live collection. Nice for making some glitchy grainy ambience. Load your own samples and away you go! (though I have left a lot of the original L3 and grainstates sounds intact for this version)
Thanks go to everyone who made all the parts Zobel, Lazyfish, rachmiel, James Walker-Hall, Martin brinkman, etc. - the usual suspects.
Peace and I hope you can at least have fun playing around with this.

Use the play button on this to stop the drums and freeze (sort of) the drone pad...



LimeLite-ignition v1.0
By Danilo Meissner

Beats of Lime
Just playing around



herw modular m1 version 5.07 v1.3
By Herwig Krass


polyphone modular synth
3. Oktober 2008
Version 5.07

more than 600 snaps

2. September 2008
Version 5.04

added a tuning oscillator (440Hz) just above the screen keyboard.
All snaps (more than 500) are tuned on y-key to 440Hz (german keyboard z-key)

please read the manual!

herw modular documents v1.1


MIDIdrums v2.0
By greg zifcak


IDI drum modules
updated version. 1 ens file now contains all the drums, to show how i use an adder to mix, since the pan/level controls are all on the individual modules. i like working this way so i don't have to have an additional mixer taking up panel space.

in this ens, only the metal, bass, and dual drums are connected to the output, to preserve cpu. (i typically only use a few modules at a time.)

- metal drum now works, and has the shaped envelope
- grain drums now have sample maps
- a dedicated bass drum is now included
- all drums now include trigger inputs merged with the midi inputs
- all drums now contain Peter Dines' xy level/pan macro

sample based drums still have only one sample, i recommend that you load your own map.

here is a collection of simple drum modules i've made, primarily for use inside vst hosts like ableton live.

the dual versions include a "link" button which cause each sound to cut the other off (think open/closed hihats). in the sample drums, i've only included a single sample, you'll probably want to add your own map.

the decay envelopes are my design, featuring a choice of 4 different shapes: linear, exponential, super-exponential, and compressed.

each drum has a little midi note selector for choosing a midi note between c3 and b3 for triggering, and a button for muting the trigger.

sample drums:
basic pitchable sample player

grain drums:
same, but with the resynth module

fm drums:
basic fm drums with pitch envelopes. good for monster bass drums

metal drum:
this one is based on a number of analog cymbal synthesis circuits. it consists of 6 pulse oscillators, each with their own pitch control + a master pitch control, and each pair can be ring modulated. this signal is passed through parallel hp and bp filters, each with their own cutoff, resonance, and decay controls. the bp decay acts as an overall decay for the sound. there are 2 sets of these parallel filters, for linked muting sounds (open/closed hihat) there is a final hp filter for further attenuating the low frequencies. really nice analog style hi-hats, cymbals and cowbell sounds can be achieved with various settings.


Moduloid-Synth v1.4
By Oliver Saherwala


Synthesizer made with easy to combine modules
The Idea for Moduloid was to create a set of Modules, which are easily to combine to get different synths and sound generators. Anyhow, a certain amount of wiring and knowledge how to program Reaktor is still necessary.

Moduloid-Synth is just an example how to combine these modules.

I am planning to make more Modules which should fit in graphically and musically.

PLEASE BE CAREFUL, cause this Synth can produce very loud Resonance phenomenons, which can be very unpleasent. I recommend not to use Headphones. I had some really hurtfull expierience using headphones. Nevertheless the high resonance can produce some wounderfull sounds. So I decided to keep the possebillity for high filter resonance.

I used Dieter Zobels Dub Delay and of course a lot of Ideas which I saw in other Ensembles from the User Library.