Best of Reaktor User Library september 2006


Pumpkin v1.3
By Peter Dines

Polyphonic multitap delay with filters

Multitap delay with a number of table based controls that varies with the number of voices.

Select snapshots with the ensemble menu. Play with the mix control to hear the difference between dry and wet.

Try increasing or decreasing the number of voices. Use the FX level control to back off the effect volume as you increase the number of voices

Works best with sparse input - try it with plucked guitar, minimal percussion, conversation, field recordings... the delay times are synced but the source material doesn't have to be.

R5 Blackbird Plus v1.0
By David Coffin

Inspired by a forum request for guitar FX, here’s my version of daBlackbird, Paul Swennenhuis’ brilliant effect, saved in R5, and unaltered except for the addition of a buncha new snaps, and linked with another personal fav for guitar mangling, Martin Brinkmann’s bodacious 12-Band delay, plus a stereo-to-mono converter whose level can easily be assigned to a foot controller. Together, these monstrums cool my lust for an Eventide, but ymmv, of course.

VokabulatorV v1.2
By ingo sprenger

7 Band Vocoder with a simple Highpass Filter to selekt the voiced parts. Include a Carrier Oscillator with three waveforms.Thanks to Charles Capsis IV for the Knobs and Meters.
The Int.-----Ext. Control allows you to use the intern sampler and an extern signal in same time like a Fader.
Please start the Clock to use the Vokabulator´s Sampler...

Looper from the R5 Libary.
The loops are made with New School R5
and an A-100 System by Doepfer.
The speech loop was an part of an interview with Oskar Sala, the man who build the Mixture-Trautonium.

Loop and Beat Machines

loGjammer2 v1.1
By Andrew Rice

Auto Loop Breaker:

Tweeked the panel a bit.
All new snaps (the first bank turned out to be a bit incompatible with v2).

Thanks to:

Benjamin Suthers = original Fragment and Reverse FX.
David Dayneko = Delivery inspired table sequence / random pattern selector.
Julien Caraz = Drox inspiration.
Rick Scott = Autopanner, Maestro, and logistical remains.
New rebuilt version.

Take note:

-The Qwerty (or midi keyboard) is used for note-pitched break triggering.
-The waveform window is an XY controller when in "Break Mode".
-Clicking with the left mouse button triggers a C60 note-on, the same as pressing "Q" on your Qwerty, or middle C on your midi keyboard.
-For intended results samples must be 1 bar of 4/4.

Looperey v1.0
By Dieter Zobel

loop machine

based on the live sampler idea by Joerg Piringer.


Tweeker v2.0
By Andrew Rice

Tweeker Granular Ambient Rhythm Maker

This is a mod of a recent ens. called Tweeky Drums by David Roberts.

Tweak The Glitch v2.0
By Don Dailey

A Mod of a Mod

My Mod of Tweeky by Andrew Rice which is a mod of Tweeky Drums by David Roberts.
This one has all new samples, a new UI and a fresh new batch of snaps. I added a ADR and a pitch shifter, but most importantly I added randoMation by Rick Scott.
Thanks to those who went before for their efforts. I hope this homage to their work is worthy.

Version 2 features:

Tweaked UI
Tweaked sample map
Tweaked controls
Tweaked snaps (most by the same names)
Added GTR snaps - use with "dd guitar" sample map (separate download)


BlueMatrix (fixed) v2.1
By Alexander Goehrke

fixed version of BlueMatrix from the Factory Library


g-Transcoder v1.0
By gabriel mulzer

realtime transcoder / spectral vocoder / spectral delay / reverb / shifter / warper / time freezer
(update of 'Helioclast')

uses a (low-res) human auditory model to provide some unique features :

formant shifting / formant reconstruction for *polyphonic* input, spectral warping, reharmonizing, freezing, and pitch shifting of course
the " spectral delay " part is actually just a freezing/melting effect, I just couldn't resist to put this phrase into the description

it's running realtime, but introduces some latency (anavoidable by the laws of physics) - I think a non-realtime, sequenced version would be more useful


EffemmFx v2.0
By Dieter Zobel