Best of Reaktor User Library may 2.010


Aural Exciter v1.2
By Chet Singer

Easy-to-use standalone Aural Exciter
Here's an easy-to-use standalone aural exciter. It has only three knobs: tuning, saturation drive, and final mix.

It extracts treble frequencies, compresses them, runs them through an asymmetrical soft saturator, and then mixes them back into the original signal.

To try it out, set the Tune knob to the default setting, adjust the Harmonics knob until the meters are solidly in the yellow, and adjust the Mix knob to mix in the desired amount of excited signal.



glitch circuit v1.0
By Donald Phillips

circuit bent drum machine
How it works -

This is a 12 channel drum machine, notes 48-59 are used to trigger samples.

Includes sample maps of the following circuit bent machines, all modified and sampled by myself -

Roland TR 505
Yamaha DD-7
Texas Instruments Speak and Spell

Almost every parameter in the sample engine (such as pitch, grain, loop points, and which sample to play) can be randomized upon a new MIDI gate, or automatically at a fixed rate by the autoTrig function. You can pick and choose exactly which parts are randomized, so you can dial in precise sounds on some channels and use others for crazy glitches.

A box on the bottom right hand corner gives documentation on the last pressed panel element.

Three buttons in the upper left hand corner switch between TR-505, DD-7 and S+S interfaces.



GLUMPK Synth v3.3
By Jean-Philippe MARY

Wobble Bassline analog Synth
I would like to create a Bassline, Fidget & Dubstep Synth.

This is the combination between two existent synthetizers:
The "wobble synth" by Radian sound lab
the "dirty bassline" by Pierre andré Soulier

Wobble synth is for the lead
dirty bassline is for the bass

In this update:

3 General knobs:
-speed lfo in sync mod (dub step performances)
-Mod in negative>zero>positive
1 Level per unit.
Filters link it's ok!!! (G cut)
Modulation Matrix on B side With:
2 EG envelop
1 Additive LFO
1 Comb +/- Filter