Best of Reaktor User Library august 2.011


4xPitchShifter v2.2
By Gerald Clemens Hauzenberger

Multi pitch shifter effect for vocals.
This ensemble is an attempt to simulate the pitch shifter effect of the multi-effects processor Boss SE-50 (patch 112). It features 4 parallel pitch shifters that can be used on vocals. In combination with shouting/screaming this creates the distortion-like effect used by various aggrotech bands like Suicide Commando, Psyclon Nine, Tactical Sekt, etc.

Created by Gerald Clemens Hauzenberger
Version 2.2

Changes (version 2.2):
- Changed the GUI.


Hard Frost v3.1
By Shohei Sato

RMS-based stereo Compressor
RMS-based stereo compressor with soft knee.

Good at reducing distortion and detecting simple peaks,
Straightforward user interface.

Ver 2.0: Release time and stereo linking was changed to the correct algorithm and HF knob is removed.
Ver 2.1: Equal loudness filter is added.


Mutronics Mutator v1.1
By Aldaraia Music

An emulation of the Mutronics Mutator
Here, you'll find an emulation of the famed Mutronics Mutator, heard used by such artists as Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead and Massive Attack.

This emulation is in function, more than form. I cannot guarantee its similarity to the original Mutator, as I do not own one and do not know anyone who does. All I can say about this is that it can help create some incredible, soothing and ridiculously annoying sounds.

All controls are described with their purpose. Just twist some knobs and have fun.

Changes to be made:

Smoothing out the VCA, at high rates it gets a bit clicky.

Optional ENV to VCA control.

Tweaking of internal bits to make it more efficient and useful.


SimpleGateSeq v1.2
By Gerald Clemens Hauzenberger

Simple trance gate effect.
A simple trance gate effect as it can be heard in many trance and aggrotech songs. The step size ranges from 1 to 32, the speed is synchronized to the host and can be varied between 1/1 and 1/64.

The step sequencer restarts with every new MIDI note received. In my experience this is something that you can hardly do with any kind of side-chained gate effect.

SimpleGateSeq is based upon the Multigator effect by Pierre-Andre Soulier:

Created by Gerald Clemens Hauzenberger
Version 1.2

Changes (version 1.2):
- Triplets were added to the speed.
- Changed the GUI.

Known issues:
- The snapshots only save controller settings but no sequencer steps.


Tape Machine v2.4
By s millward

Multi effects processor
Tape Machine is a collection of stereo processors for EQ, compressor, saturation, aural excitement and limiter effects. It can help simulate tape-like saturation and model the frequency response of analogue tape recorders.

The processors have been arranged in an order which promotes fruitful interaction between the different effects. Each processor in the chain is enabled or disabled using the respective on/off buttons and a solo function allows you to listen to each module in isolation. Clip indicators and a numerical display of the final output level help you keep an eye on levels throughout the signal path.

Tape Machine makes no claims to be a completely accurate virtual model of an analogue tape recorder, but hopefully it can help approximate some of the pleasant artifacts associated with that technology.



Medusa Gorgona v1.0
By Dmitriy Vasiliev

Atmo Ancient Myth
Dedicated to the Perseus. Perseus was the Greek hero who killed the Gorgon Medusa.



LazerBass Plus v1.0
By michael o'hagan

Schermata 2011-09-03 a 17.03.12

Expanded version of LazerBass
This is an expanded version of LazerBass with an LFO rate sequencer as well as bit crusher with a dedicated step sequencer and a filter and phaser/flanger unit, it keeps the lazerbass custom GUI intact.


Mikro Prism expanded v1.2
By Jörg Ludwig


expanded version of mikro prism


By Shohei Sato

Subtractive Synthesizer + BLIT
This is a simple subtractive synthesizer with 3 oscillators and 2 filters (serially-cascaded high-pass and low-pass filters) with multi effects. The oscillators uses BLIT method to prevent aliasing, and the filters are modeled on analog synthesizers.


Zoynx v1.0
By Darryll Truchan

SBE inspired instrument
1 - 400 partials.
6 envelopes, 3 LFO's and 2 slow randoms.
Assignable pitch bend and mod wheel.
Familiar wave types.
Phase modifiers.
Partial skipping.
Stretch, bend, warp, shift and randomize ratios.
Apply sin, cosine, pass/reject and low/high/band pass filters to amplitudes.
Auto panner.
Adjustable clock speed.