Best of Reaktor User Library july 2.014


Cloud 9 Reverb
by Bryan Lake


A reverb that doesn't suck and stays under 12% CPU.
It's not going to win any awards but it's cheap and it gets the job done.
Perfect for ambient atmospheres with long decay times
-- but it can also emulate small spaces.


Human Head
by Mike Clarke


Human Head simulates the positioning of a sound source in 2D space
(altitude is not simulated as no HRTFs are used)
in relation to the approximate parameters of an average human head.
Head values can be adjusted to exaggerate or reduce the effect of head filtering,
ear separation and distance delay/doppler.
There is some tearing if the sound source is moved around too quickly
relative to the doppler factor,
but it works very well for panning musical instruments around the listener's head.
I recommend adding a little bit of reverb to the output as it hugely helps
with the perceived sound location.
v1.1 changes:
Added a binaural/stereo button to switch binaural processing on or off.
Fixed a filter problem when the z position was zero.
1m from the listener is now correct unity gain.
Added front-to-back notch filtering to simulate a minor pinna effect.



by William Rawls


Record crackle/hiss/thump sample player for Reaktor

128 record runouts recorded on an SL-1200 Mk2.
Pitch and volume per channel.
Master LP/HP filter.
On/Off/MIDI Gate.



D'n'B Box
by Paule Amca


1.0 same as Green Box plus bass line
1.1 a little mod on the bass line


KulupArp III
bi Dieter Zobel


similarly an arpeggiator


tripbox three - LIMELIFE
by Michael Dörfler


life sequencer feeds limelite

LIMELIFE: i connected newschools life-sequencer to the soundmodules of the limelite drummachine.
added some randomizers & adapted the ui.
pretty simple, but still fun...
click on the big display in limelite for randomization...



Mixer Upper
by Jim Hurley


128 Auralis snapshots made with Colin Brown's snap breeder


Phukett Dreams
by Paule Amca


128 SSF for Auralis

Done with colb´s Snap Breeder, a wonderful tool.
Thank you, Colin Brown.
The demo song 74:05 is too long for the NI box.
You will find it here:
It´s the eighth one: vfugitive 08 In a sun beam



Adster- Clouds


A vector-fader, retro-sounding pad synth

A self oscillating, or custom record vector field acts as a four-way fader between four superfat saw or square oscillators. With a modulatable filter and stereo delay, this synth creates retro but yet surreal sounds without added effects.


by Dieter Zobel


midi - rubbish with synthi - sauce