Best of Reaktor User Library March 2.009


rex_in.fx (on acid) v1.0
By Pablo Manzarek

1236038549_thumb_8203_rifoa remix
My Modification of the classic rex in fx
some parameters can now be tweaked snapshots can be saved and I added a pitch shifter,
adjustable stutterer, randomized pitch/stutter, echo cut, delay cut, rythmic gate, record stop,
and time stretch (borrowed lots from Toxonic Glitch). BTW this bastard is a cpu hog. Enjoy!
Note: hitting randomize causes gui changes and general weirdness (not advisable).


Very Simple Grainer 02 v1.0
By Peter Dines


Simple, usable, customizable granular synth
A new and improved version of the Very Simple Grainer, with some new features,
fixes and a couple of new samples.
I've moved controls around, added the very nice sounding Core saturator that comes with Reaktor 5,
added LFOs to the grain size and speed parameters, and fine tuned a couple of other things.

The idea is to have a simple and usable instrument that's easy to customize, doesn't use excessive CPU
and isn't full of unnecessary cruft like processor intensive reverb (you know the one I mean).

There's a short screencast with sound here:



DP6F v2.0
By Bernd Keil


snaps for Hephaistos II
updated to 45 presets for version 1.5


Gadet Hobak Leih v1.0
By Bernd Keil


for PolyAdd
42 presets


Livederad v1.0
By Bernd Keil


snaps for Daredevil by Adam Hanley
44 presets

LL DP one v1.0
By Bernd Keil


snaps for LimeLite 1.3
23 presets


PD44 v1.0
By Bernd Keil


for DotCom 44
42 presets



DotCom 44 v1.0
By Chet Singer


Tribute to modular systems
I’ve always admired classically-styled modular instruments, particularly the ones sold by
But my aversion to having to tear apart a cool-sounding patch to create the next one
ensures that I’m unlikely to ever buy a true patchable analog modular.

So, here’s a modular synthesizer for Reaktor, based on modules available from
It’s designed to fit in a 44-module walnut cabinet.
A few of the modules are modified or enhanced to suit my whims.
The modules included are:

1 MIDI Interface
1 Slew Limiter
1 Noise Source
6 Voltage-Controlled Oscillators
3 Voltage-Controlled Filters
2 8-Input Mixers
1 Sample/Hold
2 Control Voltage Processors
3 Voltage-Controlled Amplifiers
3 ADSR Envelope Generators
1 Fixed Filter Bank
1 Voltage-Controlled Pan/Xfade
1 Ring Modulator
1 Shaper
1 Voltage-Controlled Delay
1 Oscilloscope/Voltmeter
1 Stereo Output Mixer
1 Stereo Output Chorus

Module inputs are visualized as drop-down menus which display the available module outputs.
Modules don’t consume CPU cycles unless actually used.

The operating voltages mimic modules.
For example, oscillator outputs swing between +5 and -5 volts,
and envelope generator peak voltages are +5 volts.

There are no LFOs. In the style of instruments, oscillators double as LFOs.

Playing modes include polyphonic, monophonic legato, and monophonic retrigger.
Monophonic and polyphonic portamento are built into the pitch controller.

Four assignable MIDI busses are included.

Two extra mod matrix outputs are available (labeled Extra1 and Extra2)
so that two additional modules can be added to the system without having to modify the mod matrix.


By Eric Le Guenan


subtractive - Semi-Modular Synthesizer
VCO: Osc x3.
VCF: Filter x2:(Seriel).6db-12db-24db,Combe filter.
Envelpes: AHDSR x3.
MODULATION: LFO x2,Steper,Performer.
XY Pad Recordable.
Martix Modulation.
FX: Delay, Chorus, Phazer, EQ

V02-1.1: new Delay lighter
27 snapshots added.
V02-1.2: New Filter's.
V02-1.3: Original panel design
V02-1.4: Filter Mode added
V02-1.5: Panel defect corrected +
15 Snap added (Bank2)1.0


By Eric Le Guenan


subtractive - Modular Synthesizer
Semi & Modular Sub Synth:

VCO: 2 Osc's 2-TypesMode Waves & Fine for each of theme.
VCF: 2 Filters (Seriel): 6db-12db-24db,Combe filter.
3 Envelpes AHDSR.
MODULATION: 2 Lfo, Steper/Sequencer, Performer.
XY Pad Recordable.
Martix Modulation.
FX: Delay, Chorus, Phazer, EQ

V1.1: Fm added.
V1.2: Panel defects corrected.
V1.3: Matix-Mod Slot 1: Rate constant corrected.
V1.4: Ring Mod added,
Filter Value corrected.
V1.5: Resonance Mod Filter 1 Fixed
V1.6: Panel defect corrected


PolyAdd v1.4
By Synthlord D


Polyphonic Additive Synth
This is an experiment to try and make a simple interface for a polyphonic additive synthesis.

The amplitude or level of each the 32 harmonic or partials can be drawn on the graph.
Also each can be de-tuned and each partial has its own envelope generator with ADSR settings in separate graphs.

Think of the graphs as sliders in a vertical row, each control in line with the harmonic at the top.

Additive synthesis makes some very complex sounds and is better suited to acoustic timbres.
Having individual envelope control and tuning for each partial does allow for considerably more tonal possibilities than subtractive synthesis.

It does take some experimentation and more thought about how a sound is constructed than typical subtractive sysnthesis as well.

The filter is not essential for a lot of the patches as filter type effects can be created using envelopes on upper harmonics.

Warning* it is a bit of a CPU hog and may cause problems on slower machines.
You can increase or decrease the number voices depending on CPU. I have it running with 8 voices at 45%


PolyAdd Lite v1.0
By Synthlord D


Additive Synth
Lower CPU version of my original PolyADD
additive synth. This one only uses half
the number of sine oscillators (16) and
half the number of additional modules.
It has reduced partial or harmonic capability but at least users with slower machines will be able to try it out.


Skrobiwell v1.0
By Bernd Keil


Skrewell moderate
Skrewell by laZyfiSh with saw, rectangle and sinus oscillators, added ubiquits,
Echospace by Jonathan Style, Flatblaster 2 by Martijn Zwartjes and Pandom by Dieter Zobel.
You can load Skrewell snapshots.

- moderate lower sounds than Skrubiwell


Solstice Twin v1.7
By Eric Le Guenan


Hybrid Polyphonic Stereo Synthesizer
VCO: Hybrid Subtractive & WaveTable Osc's.
sub osc 3 Waveform x2.
Wavetable osc 127 Waveform Drowable x2.
ENVELOPE: adsr:x2.
FILTER: 3 mode x2.
LFO Filter: x2.
LFO: x1.
Env Osc & Modulation Ctrl.
FX: Delay, Phazer, Chorus.
LOGO'S: Random & Morphing Option see the Panel B For Tip.

V1.1: Panel Defect corrected.
V1.2: Steper for gate added.
V1.3: Snapshot selector added.
V1.4: Morphing Defaut start adjusted.
V1.5: New colored Panel design,
Panel B Original Panel design.
V1.6: ctrl midi Hi & Low 's
gate steper: snap isolate off.
Panel defect & tip's corected.
Snapshots added.
V1.7: Fm WaveTable added
Fm Modulation added
Sync WaveTable added


Test Area

FretKeys v1.0
By Bertrand Antolin

Realtime Monophonic Guitar To MIDI Converter
This is basically a stripped-down version of VoiceKeys (no Env Follower and flowing guess mode),
enhanced for guitar, also pitchbend is tracked using half-cycle zero-crossing measurement
instead of one-cycle like in VoiceKeys.

It actually needs a little wiring knowledge, since it's an instrument not ensemble,
so you need to connect several ports together. First, load your favorite synth ensemble.
Then load this instrument into the synth ensemble, and switch your window view to the ensemble structure.
After that, assuming your guitar input is at port 1 at [Audio In] module (which can be different depending
on the audio card/iface or your audio card setting), connect the port together with both input ports on FretKeys
(InP and InG). And finally, switch to Panel view, and connect the MIDI In of your favorite synth to FretKeys.